Layla Nasiri, RM


Layla is Greenway’s part-time midwife. She helps out with clinic and home visits when Grace is busy with births. 

Layla’s bio

My name is Layla, a UK-trained Registered Midwife with 6 years of experience attending births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. In addition, I’ve had the privilege to work at the Star Prestige Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital where Prince George, the first son of the Duchess was born. 

My interest in becoming a midwife started when I was in a reproductive health class at college, that I was fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. In 2012, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Adult Nursing from Buckinghamshire University followed by an 18-month of Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery studies in 2016 from Kingston University. My nursing training and employment experience have been a key strength and advantage for those pregnant individuals that have medical and surgical history. 

I received my BC Midwifery license after completing and passing the UBC Internationally Educated Midwifery Bridging Program (IEMBP) as well as the Canadian National Board exam. Ever since, I feel very privileged to be part of the Surrey Mama Midwifery family, such a close and caring team as we strive in putting our clients at the heart of their care and tailor individualized plans together. 

My goal as a midwife is to help families have a positive and safe pregnancy, birth, and, postpartum experience. I believe in the importance of evidence-based, informed choice, and the positive impact this kind of care can have on an individual’s overall experience. 

I look forward to meeting you during one of the most special times in your lives and supporting you to make your experience the best it could possibly be.