Jazzmin Nagy, MOA

[Jazzmin Nagy, MOA

Jazzmin is Greenway’s Medical Office Administrator (MOA). She works remotely so you may only speak to her over the phone. Below is her bio:

Jazzmin Nagy is a Mother to two boys, ages 11 & 14. Jazzmin has supported many different families during the last nine years, working as a doula. Jazzmin has recently moved from Vancouver and now serves the North Okanagan, Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby and Salmon Arm! Apart from working as a doula, Jazzmin has been working as an office administrator in Midwifery Clinics, which she also loves! Greenway Midwifery, Metrotown Midwifery & Pomegranate Community Midwives. From this experience, Jazzmin has grown and learned many new skills to add to her repertoire.